2020 Leading Restaurant Chain Industry Report

Analysis of the Leading 1,000 US Chain Restaurants

Report Features

Leveraging 25 years of foodservice expertise, FoodserviceResults has published the 2020 Leading Chain Restaurant Industry Report, intended to be the industry’s leading performance tracker, published by an expert with the experience you can trust.

The report focuses on an in-depth review of nearly 1,700 restaurant chains and new concepts poised for growth. Each chain is reviewed and segmented into service format and menu category. US chain unit and sales are sourced or estimated based on the availability of public data (SEC filings, FDD’s, company websites) and chain headquarter survey responses. All estimates are made by industry expert Darren Tristano based on his 25-plus years’ experience, field visits and image reviews.

Focusing only on the U.S. restaurant industry, you can gain access to performance, rankings and forecasts for the U.S. restaurant industry. Providing the insight needed for operators and suppliers to develop sales and marketing strategies, this report will identify growth opportunities and take a deep dive into each segment and menu category performance.  This report is the most comprehensive and complete fact guide for financial services, analysts, chain restaurants, suppliers, distributors and anyone making strategic investments in the U.S. foodservice industry.

Executive Summary

  • State of the Industry
  • Key Trends and Challenges
  • 2020 Industry Forecast
  • 2019 Performance Analytics
  • Top 100 Chains
  • Segment Analysis and Review
  • Sub-segment Menu Category Analysis and Review
  • Fastest Growing Chains by Segment
  • Methodology

Appendix – Top 1,000 Chains

  • Ranking by U.S. Sales ($000)
  • Ranking by U.S. Units
  • Index of Chains by Alpha
  • Limited-service – Segment U.S. Sales Ranking
  • Full-service – Segment U.S. Sales Ranking
  • Limited-service Segment U.S. Menu Category Ranking
  • Full-service Segment U.S. Menu Category Ranking
  • Limited-service Sub-segment U.S. Sales Ranking
  • Full-service Sub-segment U.S. Sales Ranking

PRICE $2,995


2020 Future of Fast Casual Study

The 2020 US Future of Fast Casual Report is the first comprehensive report on the US Fast Casual marketplace that analyzes the state of the industry to produce a 5‐year forecast for sales and unit growth.  Identifying and evaluating the impact of trends facing the Fast-Casual  market, this study provides insight on leveraging growth opportunities and managing competitive threats. Reporting on company performance, unit expansion and consumer attitudes and behavior, this report provides foodservice industry executives with  actionable insights to support strategic planning and competitive analysis.

Report Features

State of the Industry PowerPoint presentation on trends in Fast Casual Key Themes, Market Trends, Opportunities, Threats, Results and Growth Forecast

Detailed Analysis of Each Major Cuisine Category including; Burger, Pizza, Sandwich, Chicken, Mexican, Bakery Café, Asian, Specialty

Forecasted Sales and Units for Each Category, 1‐, 5‐year Leading & Emerging Chain Performance, Market Share, Forecast Growth

  • 5-year Historical Chain Sales, Unit Performance, AUV (Average Unit Volume)
  • Market Reporting
  • Comparison of Chain to Independent Operators
  • Analysis –On Off‐Premise Sales for Takeout, Delivery & Catering
  • Technology Implications –Innovation, automation and Efficiency
  • Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Consumer Sentiment Toward Fast Casual vs. Quick and Full Service
  • Expectations Toward Increased frequency by Cuisine Category
  • Implications for Delivery ‐3rd Party and Direct

PRICE $7,950


2019 Off-Premise 5-Year Study

Understanding Consumer Attitudes Toward Takeout, Delivery and Catering

This report identifies consumer preferences for takeout, delivery & catering, as well as describes key strategic areas of investment and best practices that foodservice operators must implement to be successful in the new off-premise operating model that the foodservice industry faces today.

Off-Premise Insights’ TAKEOUT, DELIVERY & CATERING STUDY 5 YEAR OUTLOOK helps foodservice operators drive growth by leveraging key industry and trend analysis with actionable data from over 3,000 consumers and operators.

Increasing consumer demand, coupled with rapid advancement of cloud-based ordering technologies and marketplaces, is driving unprecedented growth in takeout, delivery, and catering. Restaurant and foodservice operators must understand the opportunities and threats in this quickly evolving sector in order to appreciate and succeed with this new operating model.

Timely data and forward-looking analysis is key. This up-to-the-minute report examines and provides strategic recommendations related to technological advancements, commissary fulfillment, and centralized ordering platforms, as well as key business workflow.

Leadership, centralized services, sales & marketing, operations, and delivery. Taken together, this study points toward an integrated strategic business framework which helps restaurant operators and foodservice professionals maximize revenue potential and take full advantage of the off-premise paradigm shift.

Insights include:

  • Takeout usage & occasion dynamics
  • Catering usage & occasion dynamics
  • Success factors for foodservice operations functional areas
  • Consumer traffic and purchase drivers
  • The roles of off-premise channels and their differentiators
  • Key investment initiatives
  • Key behaviors, policies and procedures for operations
  • Key technology vendor and service provider partnership opportunities
  • Future directions for takeout, delivery, and catering
  • Technological blueprint for the off-premise technology stack.

Research methodology:

  • Interviews with industry experts and senior leaders from multi-unit restaurant operators, 3rd party delivery providers, and other vendors and service providers from the off-premise value chain
  • Surveys of 3,000+ consumers
  • Extensive secondary review of trade industry data
  • Modeling of chain operator data, incorporating relevant industry forecasts

Study Cost: $4,995